Resources to help you guide clients to make good decisions

wow factor

It’s missing the wow! factor

If a client tells you your design is missing the wow factor, what you have to do, and I know you're not going to like this, is find the wow

Why doesn’t it look the same in every browser?

Web browsers vary in the way they support, interpret and render code. Users preferences, plugins and screen size all affect the way a website

Why responsive instead of a separate mobile site?

Mobile-optimized websites are more future-device-friendly, and are generally easier to maintain than separate websites for desktop and mobile.

Why should we use HTML5?

HTML5 can add rich features to your web site or application.

What’s wrong with using images for text?

Using images for text is bad for SEO, performance, and accessibility.

Why shouldn’t my links say “click here”?

"Click here" is bad for usability, readability, accessibility, and search engine optimization.

What’s wrong with playing a sound when you load the page?

Playing sound (or video) automatically when a web page loads is unexpected and rude.

We need to support IE6

IE6 does not support modern web languages such as HTML5 and CSS3, and renders pages inconsistently or unusable.

Make sure everything is above the fold

Usability and eye-tracking studies have shown that users can and do scroll on web pages.